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The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival is a not-for-profit entity, whose mission is to celebrate the unique heritage of Auburn, Indiana, by producing, through volunteer involvement, events and programs that bring together automotive enthusiasts. The funding efforts of the Festival help to support the automotive-related Museums of Auburn, including the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum, National Auto and Truck Museum (NATM), and the Ford V8 Museum. While the festival actively pursues these endeavors year-round, Labor Day weekend is at the heart of the celebration. In 2023, we will celebrate the 67th annual Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival. The events of the weekend actually start the weekend prior to Labor Day and run for the full week concluding on Labor Day every year. The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival has a dedicated Board of Directors and executive director; all based in Northeast Indiana with a strong commitment to the region and the festival.

Board Members & Staff

The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival Board of Directors consists of members of the community that are willing to donate their time and efforts toward the success of the Festival. The Board works behind the scenes year round to enable the Festival to achieve its mission. The knowledge that each brings to the Festival is invaluable.

  • Board members

    Board Members (left to right):
    Front Row-- Amanda Peet (Festival Artist), Jack Bassett, Leslie Peel (Executive Director), Cecile Weir (Treasurer), Amber Caccamo, and Travis Sprouse
    Second Row-- John Maloy, Mike Boswell (President), and Brandon Anderson
    Third Row-- Mike Payne (Vice President), Nick Scheumann (Secretary), and Robert Probst
    Back Row-- Josh Conrad and Bill Hohler
    Not Pictured-- Troy Ackerman, Tim Butler, Damian Dunn, Tim Gilbert, and Thompson Smith

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1600 Wayne Street
P O Box 6019
Auburn, IN 46706
P: (260) 925-3600
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