Residences of S. S. Snyder

730 and 738 North Main Street

Auburn Courier SS Snyder Home

Two of the most stately residences along North Main Street were constructed as a result of the carriage and automobile industry in Auburn. 730 North Main Street is an impressive structure that was the residence of Morris Eckhart, who along with his brother Frank, formed the Auburn Automobile Company. Patriarch Charles Eckhart educated his sons in all aspects of his carriage business operations, and made them both partners by the late 1890s. Morris had this Prairie styled inspired home erected around 1913 as Auburn’s landscape began to transform and more and more elegant public structures and residences were constructed. This rise was a result of the city’s growing wealth through manufacturing, fueled by the carriage and auto industries, including the Eckharts.

730 North Main Morris Eckhart Home

738 North Main Street is an excellent example of the Queen Anne style of architecture as displayed through the wrap around porch, and square tower was constructed around 1885 and began to set the stage for North Main Street to emerge as the prominent residential district. S.C. Snyder was one of the original partners of the Kiblinger Company that rapidly surpassed the Eckhart and Zimmerman Carriage Companies in Auburn in size in the 19th century, and was the first of the three to produce an auto. This residence was eventually acquired by Morris Eckhart’s brother and business partner, Frank, who resided here until about 1920. Frank Eckhart joined his father in the support and establishment of the YMCA, and in the future served as the national President of that organization. Morris and Frank Eckhart sold the Auburn Automobile Company by 1919, and both moved to Los Angeles, California where the family had spent their winters and other members of the Eckhart and Shugers families had established an auto hard top (roofs) business.

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